It is not true that there is little time, the truth is that much has been lost. Secure your future!


Ansi Formazione

Ansi Formazione offers you its experience in the complete training of university courses and professional courses, both Italian and foreign.

Our educational paths are consistent and extremely solid, to excel in the numerous needs and attitudes of those who want to invest in their future. The world of work today is constantly evolving, and you need to know how to reinvent and update yourself in order not to stay out of job opportunities and the rankings of public competitions. Ansi Formazione proposes new and valid personalized courses, with the substantial difference of knowledge of university and professional realities.

Ansi Formazione is a leader in professional training in Campania, the reference training center for all people who want to integrate their cultural background, to improve their educational and professional condition. Our Ansi Formazione center is made up of professionals, ready to follow you in the orientation of training courses. You will find assistance from paperwork to the completion of the training course.

Value added

It is not true that there is little time, the truth is that much has been lost, now secure your future! Together we identify your training path to continue and integrate your studies, and identify the professional path suitable for you, to immediately enter the world of work.

We work together with our students to face the needs of the world of work in an excellent way. With the most innovative teaching methods, classroom lessons, the possibility of following courses on online platforms and the virtuous support of our teachers, we follow our members step by step to ensure them a solid training path. To improve your job position, or to get started in the current world of work, you need to determine your goals, this is the first step to transform your future and take advantage of all the opportunities that come from the world of work.

Based on the requests of specific professionals from the world of work, we have embarked on a new project that has led us to realize the idea of ​​the Academy of Professions! From the study of the objectives identified by the Lisbon European Council in March 2000, we find the absolute need to substantially increase investment in human resources every year. The Academy of Professions was therefore created to develop local multipurpose centers capable of acquiring new professional figures, with the aim of creating a concrete didactic synergy between schools and training centers, and creating a team of professionals to support the various requests for professional figures currently sought by the world of work. With the Academy of Professions, we want to spread a new culture of work, especially among young people, focusing on the innovation of traditional jobs and training professional craftsmen, and generating synergy between public and private to create new business networks.

The Academy of Professions project

The project was born, therefore, to give an answer to those young people who, after leaving compulsory school, maybe manage to find a job, but in a few months end up losing it, due to their inexperience and inability to stay on the workplace, respecting certain rules. The Academy of Professions is based on the strong alliance between the educational world and the business world. They are two worlds that need to talk to each other more. The fact is that due to a misunderstood sense of the hierarchy between the two sectors, training has always been seen as a “closet”, while it is a priority room, complementary but priority. For this we must activate a dialogue and develop technical tools that allow us to arrive at duality as a founding principle, so you educate and make you work at the same time, not first one thing and then the other.

With us, children must be able to learn a trade and have the opportunity to immediately translate it into practice.



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