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What is the regulatory reference for regional qualifications?

The courses recognized by the Campania Region refer to L. 845/78, which regulates the vocational training sector.

How do the lessons take place?

The lessons are held in the presence of our headquarters. In the case of FAD (Distance Training) courses, theoretical lessons are divided between classroom and online on a telematics platform

Is it mandatory to take lessons?

From a training point of view, it is essential to follow the course in order to acquire all the skills required, however, there is a percentage of absence

What are my payment methods?

Payment instalment or in one solution

Is it possible to know the exam date when you register?

Unfortunately, no, you will only know the duration of the course since the exam date is determined by the Campania Region.


How many Masters or Refinement Courses can I do?

Each teacher can update a maximum of 10 points.

Do a Master's or Perfection entitle you to score?

Yes, they both score according to the current legislation and the reference ranking. In particular, we specify that all academic titles of 1500 and 60 cfu are entitled to 3 points in the exhaustion rankings and in the school rankings. Whereas the 500 and 20 cfu master classes are entitled to 1 point.

How do the lessons take place?

The Pagaso University as a telematics provides for the activation of a telematics platform for each student on which the video lessons of the courses are uploaded. A platform accessible 24 hours a day also from smartphones

How long do I get my login credentials?

Within 48 hours after you receive your registration

Are the exams in attendance?

All exams are in attendance at one of the Pegasus exam sites

Why should I enroll in Pegasus University through the ECP ANSI BN?

Being a member of ours brings a number of economic benefits and assistance


What are the benefits of an EIPASS Certification?

The computer is used in every field of work and also in every academic discipline. It is therefore necessary to have the basic skills in the use of computers and the Internet which are also the minimum requirements to enter the world of work. For these computer skills, EIPASS provides a worldwide certification tool.

Why get EIPASS Certification?

EIPASS is the world’s first certification for basic computer skills. Candidates can demonstrate, both to possible employers and to academic institutions, their expertise in this area. EIPASS provides: the basic skills and knowledge needed to use the main applications and the Internet. standard certification that enriches the resume. The skills through which the Candidate will increase their capacity in the world of work through a Certification path. The tools you need to skillfully enter the “digital” world.

Is there a training course?

Of course, a course and online tutorials to help you acquire certification

Where are the exams taking place?

Ansi Training as ei-center is authorized by Certipass to take exams

When can you take the exam?

The date of the exam is determined according to the needs of the candidate in accordance with the examiner


How often do the courses take place?

Mandatory activities to be carried out on the Romanian territory so that the title can be valid in Italy, at prestigious Romanian Universities legally recognized by the Romanian Ministry of Education. Therefore, the course is carried out in blendend mode i.e. “mixed”, i.e. distance learning and distance learning and lessons/activities in presence at foreign universities

Are the securities acquired abroad valid?

All of our foreign courses take place in a European Community State, which is therefore recognised at EU level as required by law 2005/36

Are the courses in a foreign language?

Of course, we organize language courses in preparation for access to the route and there is always a bilingual teacher available to students

Do you have to move to Romania or is the course entirely online?

For the purpose of recognition by MIUR, it is essential that the presence of the student is required for some activities. Other activities can be carried out remotely.


Is it mandatory to obtain a language certification after taking the course?

It is not mandatory but highly recommended. In the world of work, it is not only necessary to know another language but to have a certification.

Do you need to be 18 to take a course and/or earn a certification?

Absolutely not. Our courses as certifications are open to everyone. Even foreign students as long as they have a document of recognition