Qualified front office employee

Registrations always open

Cost of course: € 799.00

Duration: 600 hours

Access Requirements: School Obligation Fulfillment


ACHIEVABLE TITLE: Qualified front office employee. Professional qualification validated by the Campania Region under Article 14 D.Lgs 845/78, a title valid throughout the country and throughout the European Community.

COURSE MODE:presence 360 classroom hours and workshops and 240 internships


The qualified front office employee works in the hospitality sector, where he is responsible for performing and coordinating activities related to the management of bookings, arrivals/departures of the reception and the care of the customer during his stay at the property.

The qualified front office employee also works in administrative-accounting, supervisory and control functions and, if the facility has conference and conference rooms, he also takes care of the booking service of these spaces.


  • Understand and manage the contractual and tax aspects of a professional service rendered in the form of self-employed or self-employed work.
  • Understand and manage the regulatory aspects of professional receptionist performance.
  • Understand the characteristics and peculiarities of the tourism sector – receptive and the possible contexts of job placement.
  • Inform and advise customers, adopting different ways of interacting depending on their different characteristics and expectations.
  • Listen to customer requests, provide the required information, check accommodation availability and, if possible, make the reservation.
  • Welcoming and registering the customer, assigning him, whenever possible a room suitable for his needs. Leave the customer by collecting the payment according to the payment method required by the customer and provided for by the year.
  • Providing assistance to the customer during the stay, providing him with information, handling any complaints and carrying out services of various types.
  • Manage the ordinary administrative aspects to support the economic management of the accommodation.
  • Oversee the work of the assigned resources (e.g., reception workers and porter).
  • if present, and coordinate with their colleagues (e.g., night porters, planners, ma’tre, etc.) as part of the operations aimed at the successful stay of the client at the property.
  • Manage safety and ensure the supervision of the accommodation, adopting a behavior in accordance with the current regulatory guidelines and internal operating procedures, contacting, if necessary, the relevant local authorities.
  • Evaluate the quality of service by checking the correct application of the current legislation, compliance with the minimum mandatory requirements, compliance with its quality procedures and the degree of customer satisfaction.


– Hotels;

– resorts;

– youth hostels;

– Camping areas and areas equipped for campers and caravans

Frequency mode and duration
of the course:
360 hours in the classroom and workshops and 240 hours of internships at contracted facilities

Documents for registration:
copy identity card copy health card copy degree degree

Frequently asked questions:

How do the lessons take place?
The lessons are held in the presence of our headquarters. In the case of FAD (Distance Training) courses, theoretical lessons are divided between classroom and online on a telematics platform

Is it mandatory to take classes?
From a training point of view, it is essential to follow the course in order to acquire all the skills required, however, there is a percentage of absence

What are my payment methods?

Payment instalment or in one solution

Is it possible to know the exam date as well?
Unfortunately, no, you will only know the duration of the course since the exam date is determined by the Campania Region.

After you have paid the registration fee you are officially enrolled in the course that you will have to pay before taking the final exam



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