Educational care worker for disabled people

Educational care worker for disabled people

Educational care worker for disabled people

Registrations always open

Cost of course: € 500.00

Duration: 600 hours (about 5 months)

Access Requirements: Secondary Education Diploma or Three-Year Qualification


Educational care worker for disabled people

Professional profile description: Operator for educational assistance to disabled people (online) is able to offer assistance to socio-educational activities for disabled people, supporting educators in the creation of educational workshops – creative, and in the preparation of educational and game materials, in the accompaniment and care of basic needs (clothing, cleanliness, hygiene, etc.) and safety of the disabled. You can work as an employee or as a self-employed person with collaboration contracts at public and private facilities that provide social educational services for the disabled, taking responsibility for your duties. In the course of his work, he connects with the staff educator.


Achievable title: Certificate of professional qualification in accordance with the standards set out in art. 6 d.lgs 16/01/2013 (former article 14 of Act 845 of 1978)

How lessons are conducted until the end of the Covid-19 emergency: Entirely ONLINE

Examination mode until the end of the Covid-19 emergency: Online

Standard mode of course: in attendance at the Ansi Training headquarters in Benevento

Standard mode of conducting examination: In presence at the headquarters Ansi Training of Benevento

Registration deadline: when the maximum number of participants is reached

Payment method: All our courses are interest-free for the duration of the course

Validity: A European-recognized path.

Employment outlets:

  • social-welfare and socio-health services, residential or semi-residential;
  • user’s hospital and home environment;
  • direct personal care, home and hotel help
  • social sanitation.

Skills to be acquired during the Disability Educational Assistance Operator course (online)

  1. Managing individual and collective emergency situations
  2. Assistance in the creation of workshops and the expression of alternative languages
  3. Supervision and support for the educator in socio-educational activities
  4. Accompaniment, care of the basic needs of the disabled and urgent related hygiene and cleaning operations

Fill out the contact form to receive more information about the Disability Educational Assistance Operator (online) and receive the registration form

Frequency mode and duration
of the course:

Documents for registration:
copy identity card copy degree degree

Frequently asked questions:

How do the lessons take place?
The lessons are held in the presence of our headquarters. In the case of FAD (Distance Training) courses, theoretical lessons are divided between classroom and online on a telematics platform

Is it mandatory to take classes?
From a training point of view, it is essential to follow the course in order to acquire all the skills required, however, is there a percentage of absence What are the payment methods? Payment instalment or in one solution

Is it possible to know the exam date as well?
Unfortunately, no, you will only know the duration of the course since the exam date is determined by the Campania Region.

After you have paid the registration fee you are officially enrolled in the course that you will have to pay before taking the final exam



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