Barman Course



Registrations always open

Cost of course: € 599.00

Duration: 600 hours

Access Requirements: Lower Middle School Diploma


Achievable title:
Barman Course, qualification of Operator of the Service Bar. Professional qualification validated by the Campania Region under Article 14 D.Lgs 845/78, a title valid throughout the country and throughout the European Community.

Course mode:
300-hour classroom and lab hours, 60 hours key competence and 240 internships.

Professional profile description:

The bartender takes care, on the basis of the requests received, the preparation of drinks and simple hot and cold snacks, also taking care of the aesthetic appearance and serving them at the counter. It prepares and sets up work environments, checks the availability of products in stock and manages purchases by contacting suppliers directly. In carrying out its duties, it is obliged to comply with the self-control system for food safety. It operates at accommodation and tourist facilities with employee employment contract, the employment contract can also be seasonal. He can also work as a self-employed person. Manages the relationship with its customers firsthand.

Structure of training path:

  • Economic/Marketing Area;
  • Legislative/Safety Area At Work;
  • Language area;
  • Professional Technical Area;
  • Socio-Psycho-Pedagogical Area

Skills to acquire:

  • Customer welcome and assistance;
  • Application of the self-control system for food safety;
  • Preparation of spaces and environments for catering;
  • Preparation of drinks and snacks;
  • Implementation of the meal and drink distribution service;
  • Collection of payments and release of receipts;
  • Treatment of raw materials and food processing;
  • Food sales and administration

Job outlets:

The bar restaurant operator is a professional figure who works in the tourism/hotel sector and who, under the control of a service manager, deals with the restaurant industry. Yours is a multipurpose and qualified service. He can work as a bartender or waiter at restaurants, pizzerias, hotels and assimilated facilities, in catering services, canteen, diner, bar, café, pastry shop, pub, brewery and the like.

Course mode:
300-hour classroom and lab hours, 60 hours key competence and 240 internships.

Documents for registration:
copy identity card copy health card copy degree degree

Frequently asked questions:

How do the lessons take place?
The lessons are held in the presence of our headquarters. In the case of FAD (Distance Training) courses, theoretical lessons are divided between classroom and online on a telematics platform

Is it mandatory to take classes?
From a training point of view, it is essential to follow the course in order to acquire all the skills required, however, there is a percentage of absence

What are my payment methods?

Payment instalment or in one solution

Is it possible to know the exam date as well?
Unfortunately, no, you will only know the duration of the course since the exam date is determined by the Campania Region.

After you have paid the registration fee you are officially enrolled in the course that you will have to pay before taking the final exam


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