Master classes – Ansi Training

Master classes - Ansi Training

Training courses

Registrations always open

Cost of course: starting at € 450.00

Course duration 500/CFU: 20 - 1500/CFU: 60

Access Requirements: Diploma


Post-graduate master classes
The Training Courses are training courses aimed at meeting scientific and cultural refresher objectives. These courses include a flexible programme, which is divided into face-to-face or online lessons. You must have a high school diploma. It is possible to attend further education courses aimed at high and lower secondary school teachers, healthcare professionals, other professionals motivated to develop new theoretical and practical skills.

The courses can be spent during updates to the rankings of teaching staff among the cultural titles that can be evaluated.

Available areas:
Health-Safety Area
School area
Professional Counsellors Area

Registrations are always open, find out in detail all the courses available by clicking on the following link

Frequency modes:

No attendance requirement; Educational platform active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Documents for registration:
copy identity card copy health card copy degree degree

Frequently asked questions:

How do the lessons take place?
Telematics Universities provide for the activation of a telematics platform for each student on which video lessons of the courses are uploaded. A platform accessible 24 hours a day also from smartphones

How long do I receive my login credentials?
Within 48 hours after you receive your registration

Are the exams in attendance?
All exams are in attendance at one of the exam sites

Why should I enrol at university through the ECP ANSI BN?
Being a member of ours brings a number of economic benefits and assistance

After you have paid the registration fee you are officially enrolled in the course that you will have to pay before taking the final exam


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