Recovery of school years

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Recovery School Years

Registrations always open

Cost of course: starting at € 1500.00

Access Requirements: Lower Middle School Diploma


Center for Anxiety Education
The possibility of recovering school years, is the opportunity for people who in the course of their lives have regretted having dropped out of school, a way to make up for lost time.

ANSI Training deals with School Year Recovery and Preparation for Maturity Exams, both for boys and adults.

There are several reasons why a person should drop out of school, but today obtaining a valid qualification, strictly necessary at the work level, it is easy to have the desire to graduate.

Recovering school years means that young and old can reach a high school diploma, quietly in their city with the help of specialized tutors in the field.

The 2 golden rules to achieve the result:

  • Wanting to study
  • Relying on a training school that understands: what are the difficulties to overcome and what are the objectives to be achieved together during the year.


  • The date and school year of achievement of the Media License Diploma;

    The class of admission to the eligibility exams is subject to the successful achievement, by private applicants, of the middle school’s license as many years earlier as necessary for the normal course of study in order to be admitted to the required class.

    Example: If a student, for example, has obtained the Media License Diploma in the 2012/13 school year, they will be able to take The Class IV Eligibility Exam in the 2015/16 school year, while next school year 2016/2017 will be eligible for Class V until the 2017/2018 school year where they will be eligible for the state exam.

  • The 18th birthday;

Students who have turned 18 are exempt from the interval requirement for the average degree by at least the day before the start of the eligibility exams.

  • The 23rd birthday;

They are exempt from the presentation of any degree, students who have completed or will complete in the calendar year in which they will take the exam the 23-year-old..

Achieving a diploma by reconciling the study with work commitments… YES, YES!
The Ansi Training Study Center provides you with qualified and competent staff, able to provide an effective method of study, which will allow you to face and pass the exams.

In fact, the basis of the teaching method is personalized teaching, created specifically for students, based on their learning style and needs. Within our center you will find a dynamic and professional environment, where the student can develop 100% all his intellectual, ethical and human potential.

Ansi Training follows its students. Alongside the study, there are moments of discussion with tutors, to test their preparation and learning, addressing and managing the difficulties that students may encounter.

Our goal is the quality of service and the degree of student satisfaction.

The diplomas will be issued by State Schools or Peer Institutes Certified by the Ministry of Education, eligible for access to University Faculties, Public Competitions or to advance in their working career.

Documents for sign-up
Those who have a middle school diploma are eligible for the course.

For registration it is necessary to present:

  • Copy ID card
  • Copy health card
  • Copying the media license
  • Nothing hinders the school of origin (for underage students aged 18)


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