LIS awareness course

LIS Awareness Course

Awareness course

Registrations always open

Cost of course: € 100.00

Duration: 20 hours

Access Requirements: No Access Requirements


LIS Awareness Course
The course aims to bring those who want it closer to a language (LIS) that allows you to communicate with deaf people wherever they are. Interacting with them will no longer be a problem, and for the deaf it will be an opportunity to meet people capable of understanding them and helping them in everyday life.
The LIS awareness course is conceived as an approach to “LIS”, ITALIAN SIGN LANGUAGE and includes lectures with a lis teacher.

Duration: 20 hours total (10 meetings)
Frequency: 2 weekly lessons of 2 hours.
Registration deadline: Continuous classes upon reaching n. 10
Cost: € 100.00

Aims and objectives
Raise awareness on issues concerning deafness and the linguistic aspects of Sign Language, and in particular:

– understand the meaning of the term “deafness” from a cultural point of view;
– know the references of the deaf linguistic community;
– compare sign languages ​​and vocal languages;
– know the rudiments of LIS.

The course will be developed in 10 theoretical / practical lessons of 2 hours each.

Theoretical contents:
– deafness: general observations from a socio-cultural point of view;
– communication of deaf people: communication strategies
– hints on the deaf linguistic community
– birth of a sign language, presentation of a language
– Sign languages ​​and vocal languages ​​compared

Basic communication skills:
Presentation of oneself, ways of greeting, alphabet, numbers, colors, calendar (date, days of the week, months, seasons), time, family, description of one’s day. Food, professions, the home, the hospital, the human body, how to communicate your needs in a hospital setting.

Course recipients
Parents, teachers, educators, pedagogists, social workers, psychologists, doctors, nurses, speech therapists, rehabilitation technicians, physiotherapists, health and social workers, trainees from the Faculty of Primary Education, students and trainees from the Faculty of Education and Training , students and trainees of the Faculty of Communication Sciences, support teachers, employees of the Public Administration, Law Enforcement, secondary school students, university students, reception and reception staff, hostesses, Public Relations employees and political positions.

At the end, a certificate of attendance will be issued.
Registration can be done at our offices or by downloading the registration form.

How to attend and duration of course:
Duration: 20 hours total (10 meetings)
Frequency: 2 weekly lessons of 2 hours.
Registration deadline: Continuous classes upon reaching n. 10

Documents for registration:
The course is open to everyone, with no age limit.
For registration it is necessary to present:

  • Copy ID card
  • Copy health card
  • Payment of € 100.00



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