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Duration: 3 years

Access Requirements: High School Diploma



Citizens of The Member States of the European Union may practice a “regulated profession” in Italy after obtaining the recognition of their title or professional qualification by the relevant authorities. The “regulated profession” is, under the 2005/36 European Directive, the activity or all of the activities that can only be carried out if you have certain qualifications, certificates and qualifications. Therefore, each Member State is free to choose which professions to regulate and the requirements for access and practice.

In Italy, this is thanks to the D.Lgs No. 206 of November 6, 2007 2005/36/CEDirective. The latter has been updated since January 2016 and among the innovations introduced are the facilitation of the free movement of professionals in EU countries.

In fact, for five professions (pharmacist, physiotherapist, nurse,mountain guide and real estate agent) from January 2016 you can apply for recognition of your professional qualification also through the European Professional Card (EPC).

(EPC) It is therefore the new electronic procedure for obtaining recognition of professional qualifications in another EU country. In fact, the card is not a “physical card” but an electronic procedure that simplifies the recognition by the national authorities of the qualification obtained, reducing both the time and the bureaucratic burden. That is, it is an electronic certificate that attests how the professional has passed every procedure to obtain the recognition of the professional qualification in the host country.

In essence, the issuance of the card with an indefinite value, gives the automatic right to the practice of the profession in Italy, complying with any requirements or procedures of control. It is important to know that the practice of the nursing profession requires the registration of the Fnopi.

The first immediate effect of the entry into force of law 3/2018 (law “Lorenzin”) and which replaces the IPASVIProfessional College . The candidate of Italian nationality, therefore native Italian, in order to obtain registration to the Fnopi will not have to take the exam aimed at ascertaining the knowledge of the Italian language.

Click here for all the information on the (EPC) European Professional Card.

Publichealth facilitiessuch as Local Health Companies (Asl), Hospital Companies (AO), Institutes of Rehabilitation and Care for Scientific Character (IRCCS), care and hospital facilities, etc.;
Privatefacilities,residential facilities, specialist clinics, semi-residential facilities, clinics, NGOs, NGOs, etc.;
TheIberian profession,organizing itself, nursing clinics, associated studies, cooperatives, etc.

Legislative decree. N. 206 of November 6, 2007 It also incorporates the 2005/36/CE Directive.
– lgs. N. 15 of 28 January 2016, (published in the Official Journal – General Series No.32 of 9 February 2016) which in addition to providing for changes to the 2005/36/CE Directive has introduced in particular some innovations to facilitate the free movement of professionals in EU countries.
– 21 January 2016 – Council of Ministers approves the European Professional Card
– 10 February 2016 – The first European professional card is Italian
“Here is the recognition of Valerio, one of our students.

Ask for more information and reserve your place in the next class. Our voicemail will answer all your questions.

Documents for registration:
– Copy ID card
– Copy health card
– Multilingual birth certificate
No. 3 card photos
– Authenticated copy of the bachelor’s degree with aia post
– Authenticated copy of the 5-year high school report cards (alternatively a certificate issued by the school with all school year enrolments).

Frequently asked questions:

Are the securities acquired abroad valid?
All of our foreign courses take place in a European Community State, which is therefore recognised at EU level as required by law 2005/36

Are the courses in a foreign language?
Of course, we organize language courses in preparation for access to the route and there is always a bilingual teacher available to students

Can I make payments with monthly installments?
Yes, you will be able to pay for the course with monthly payments.

How long is the title recognized with the European Professional Card?
Within 30/40 days of the start of the European Professional Card application process
No, the course includes study from home with internship and exams to be carried out abroad concentrated in short stays with calendar trips at the beginning of the academic year.

Can I sign up now?
Prescribing to A.A. 2020/2021 is open.

Didactic path duration
Three-year path – 180 ECTS


After you have paid the registration fee you are officially enrolled in the course that you will have to pay before taking the final exam


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