IELTS Exam Preparation Course

IELTS Exam Preparation Courses

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Cost of course: starting at € 1000.00

Course duration: 50 hours minimum

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IELTS Exam Preparation Courses
IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is the most popular test in the world to certify English proficiency. Developed in partnership with Cambridge Assessment English, more than 3 million tests have been carried out in 140 countries in the last year.

IELTS makes a difference in your CV. The test is the key that opens many doors to those who want to work or study both in Italy and abroad. Globally, more than 10,000 organizations (including 3,000 in the U.S.) recognize IELTS results for various purposes. These organisations include universities and high-education bodies, governments and immigration offices, companies and employment agencies. IELTS is the only English language certification accepted by all countries that require one for immigration purposes. IELTS is designed to help you use the English language in your new life abroad. In less than three hours, the test allows you to evaluate your language skills: listening, reading, writing and conversation.

IELTS gives you an extremely reliable result consistent with your language skills.

Which IELTS Test is right for you?
There are two types of IELTS tests: IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training. IELTS General Training is the least common version of the two versions of the IELTS test. This test is supported by those who want to apply for immigration to the UK or other countries with a visa that provides for the certification of the level of English, although the most popular IELTS Academic test can be used for the same purposes. The IELTS General Training test is not accepted by most universities and colleges as proof of English skills. Students are required to take the IELTS Academic test, or another English test for academic purposes.


The IELTS General Training test lasts 2 hours and 45 minutes in total and consists of four tests: reading, written production, oral comprehension and oral expression. The written tests for the Academic and General Training versions of the IELTS test are different; The topics selected for the IELTS General Training version place more emphasis on everyday English and English used in the professional field. Oral evidence is identical and does not cover academic topics.


The result for the IELTS General Training test is not “passed/failed” and is evaluated on a scale of 0 to 9. The certificates of the results obtained at the IELTS General Training test are valid for 2 years.

Calendar lessons in line with your needs with availability even during the summer months.



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Documents for registration:
copy ID card copy health card

Frequently asked questions:

Is it mandatory to obtain a language certification after taking the course?
It is not mandatory but highly recommended. In the world of work, it is not only necessary to know another language but to have a certification.

Do you need to be 18 to take a course and/or earn a certification?
Absolutely not! Our courses as certifications are open to everyone. Even foreign students as long as they have a document of recognition


After you have paid the registration fee you are officially enrolled in the course that you will have to pay before taking the final exam


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