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Cost of course: starting at € 1000.00

Course duration: 50 hours minimum

Access Requirements: No Access Requirements


Courses du business english
Would you like to live and work abroad? Are you interested in learning a more specific lexicon that can help you with job interviews in English? We have the solution for you!

Acquire the language skills needed to communicate effectively within a business context; Learn to write a business letter, answer a work email, conduct a phone call, analyze a contract written in English, all skills that will allow you to increase your career expectations in the workplace.

  • Increase productivity. Acquire specific skills that help your profession work more effectively and accurately: if you spend less time writing an email in English, you can take a little break!
  • Stay up to date. Many of the websites, blogs and magazines most interesting to your industry are published in English and a translation is not always available. Join webinars, discover case hisiers and keep up to date without difficulty.
  • Expand your network. Speaking English can make a difference in your relationship with a customer, supplier or colleague: knowing them well will increase your chances of making trade deals by eliminating the risk of misunderstandings.
  • Improve your professional profile. Get ready to take interviews in English and write your resume correctly: you will increase your career opportunities both in Italy and abroad.
  • Travel freely. If fairs, conventions and international events are fundamental in your work, knowing English well will allow you to participate in it profitably and independently.
  • He attends refresher courses. Access new career opportunities or participate in training visits to foreign subsidiaries without worrying about the language barrier.

Calendar lessons in line with your needs with availability even during the summer months.



  • Native Speakers
  • Custom Method
  • Flexibility
  • Interactive Lessons
  • Payment installments

Documents for registration:
copy ID card copy health card

Frequently asked questions:

Is it mandatory to obtain a language certification after taking the course?
It is not mandatory but highly recommended. In the world of work, it is not only necessary to know another language but to have a certification.

Do you need to be 18 to take a course and/or earn a certification?
Absolutely not! Our courses as certifications are open to everyone. Even foreign students as long as they have a document of recognition


After you have paid the registration fee you are officially enrolled in the course that you will have to pay before taking the final exam


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